The Brooklyn Garage

Thanks to Stephen at Left to Right for all of his help!

Handsaws, Hammers, and Dinosaurs was a huge success!


The Brooklyn Garage held its first event last night entitled Handsaws, Hammers, and Dinosaurs. They asked me to design, create, and lead a dinosaur building project to be held during the event. The goal was to simultaneously get people out for a good time and to get them using their hands to make something. I think we did just that. 

This was my first bid at making pure art and I could not have done it without the help of Gerry Kolisnyk whose design ideas and gusto were invaluable. Also, did I mention we did this in 2 days? We set to work envisioning the entire stegosaurus from start to finish so that when people came ready to saw and hammer we’d have an idea of what to tell them. In the three hours at the event, we went from the bare bones structure to a pretty sweet looking dinosaur that we dubbed The Stegosaurish? Lots of fun and lots more positive feedback for the movement to get people using their hands. 

(Source: lefttorightfurniture)